cuff link

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or cuff link  (kŭf′lĭngk′)
A fastening for a shirt cuff, usually consisting of two buttons or buttonlike parts connected with a chain or shank that passes through two slits in the cuff.

cuff link

1. (Clothing & Fashion) one of a pair of linked buttons, used to join the buttonholes on the cuffs of a shirt

cuff′ link`

or cuff′link`,

one of a pair of linked ornamental buttons or buttonlike devices for fastening a shirt cuff.

cuff link

- Links the split cuff of a shirt.
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This made the design rather more challenging; however, my design was essentially adopted with one proviso--the materials had to be the same material for all components, as otherwise the bearing surface between the turbine pin wheel and the cuff link body would be prone to corrosion.
Upon the originals, the white Montblanc star appears to "float" in transparent resin set on a black lacquered nest upon each cuff link as though it has been suddenly captured cascading through a night sky.
Now 12, he is turned out with Cuff Link in the paddocks at Ballymacoll Stud in Ireland, where he was bred and raised and now lends a calming influence to the young stock.
On the one hand, your cuff link might wonder where being human has gotten anyone anyway in this century of genocide.
Black leather cuff link box, pounds 140, Smythson (08705 211311), lilac leather cuff link box, pounds 24, Presents For Men (01295 750 100)
Cuff Link can be on the button for Dick Hern in the Aldford Rated Stakes at Chester.
He sends Cuff Link there today and this fine old stayers class should see him home in the Aldford Rated Handicap where he has to give lumps of weight away to his six rivals.
With a sleek patented design and stylish outlook, CU-Flash can be an ideal add-on for any stationery such as pen, jewelry or personal accessories such as watch, necktie pin, cuff link, money-clip and more.
Stolen goods include prescription glasses, prescription Rayban sunglasses, four pairs of cuff links, a Dell laptop and six watches worth an estimated PS2,500.
Deakin& Francis, which was established in 1786 and is based at Regent Place in the city's historic Jewellery Quarter, designs and manufactures cuff links, jewellery and luxury accessories.
A "PROFESSIONAL burglar" broke into seven homes in Cardiff in two days leaving a trail of destruction and stealing jewellery, cameras, cuff links, and laptops.
There are also many attractive offers for men, such as elegant cuff links, stylish belts and sunglasses.