cuisine minceur

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cuisine min·ceur

A low-calorie style of French cooking.

[French : cuisine, cooking + minceur, thinness, slimness.]

cuisine minceur

(kɥizin mɛ̃sœr)
(Cookery) a style of cooking, originating in France, that limits the use of starch, sugar, butter, and cream traditionally used in French cookery
[literally: slimness cooking]
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I read, in The New Yorker, a profile of a chef named Michel Guerard, who was credited with the invention of cuisine minceur, a lean alternative to classical French cooking.
Michel Guerard, the three-Michelin-starred chef and inventor of cuisine minceur, is masterminding the gala dinner and each day a top chef presides over the fair's pop-up gourmet restaurant.
Though we love Indian and Chinese and all ethnic treats, Oxo has survived posh cuisine minceur and all the rest, to remain the secret ingredient.
Not far beyond this notion was the cuisine minceur of Michel Guerard.