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Noun1.CUL - a passage with access only at one endcul - a passage with access only at one end
passage - a way through or along which someone or something may pass
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And so, as I came trotting out of that cul de sac, full of satisfaction with my own cleverness, he turned the corner and I walked right into his handcuffs.
Instead of going to the right places--banks, police stations, rendezvous-- he systematically went to the wrong places; knocked at every empty house, turned down every cul de sac, went up every lane blocked with rubbish, went round every crescent that led him uselessly out of the way.
That should ensure that his Licence To Till is short in the market, but Cul A Dun seems well treated in comparison.
He is alleged to assaulted Lisa Why te at Cul loch Road, Slamannan on July 24 to her severe injury and to the danger of her life and to have attempted to murder her.
PLENTY TO OFFER The delightful family home is in a quiet cul de sac with amenities nearby
Mags said: "I have been working with the VHI Cul Camps for two years aside from my involvement with the Senior Wexford team.
Ideally situated in the west end's Ashton Lane, Cul De Sac provides an ideal setting for everything from birthday celebrations to graduations.
STONE BUILT The spacious three-bedroom home in Sunniside is in a desirable cul de sac
Vhi GAA Cul Camp ambassadors visit the camps, teaching kids skills and answering questions about how they can become a GAA star.
With more than 20 years of experience serving the best quality food and drinks in relaxed cafe/bistro surroundings, Cul De Sac is one of the city's institutions.
FAMILY HOME The distinctive detached house in a Stannington cul de sac was built in the 1960s