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n. pl. cu·li·ces (-lĭ-sēz′)
Any of various mosquitoes of the genus Culex, which includes the common house mosquito (C. pipiens) and species that spread diseases such as West Nile virus. Also called culex mosquito.

[Latin, gnat.]


n, pl -lices (-lɪˌsiːz)
(Animals) any mosquito of the genus Culex, such as C. pipiens, the common mosquito
[C15: from Latin: midge, gnat; related to Old Irish cuil gnat]


(ˈkyu lɛks)

n., pl. -li•ces (-ləˌsiz)
any of numerous mosquitoes constituting the genus Culex, standing with the body parallel to surfaces, including the common house mosquito, C. pipiens.
[1825–50; < New Latin (Linnaeus); Latin: gnat, midge]
cu′li•cine` (-ləˌsaɪn) adj.
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Noun1.culex - type genus of the Culicidae: widespread genus of mosquitoes distinguished by holding the body parallel to the resting surfaceCulex - type genus of the Culicidae: widespread genus of mosquitoes distinguished by holding the body parallel to the resting surface
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
common mosquito, Culex pipiens - common house mosquito
Culex fatigans, Culex quinquefasciatus - widespread tropical mosquito that transmits filarial worms
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JE is transmitted to humans by infected Culex mosquitoes, causing abdominal pain, fever and seizures.
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Louis encephalitis viruses can also be passed on in eggs of Culex mosquitoes.
Recent evidence has demonstrated the presence of Zika and Chikungunya viruses in species of Culex mosquitoes (3).
The effect of temperature on life history traits of Culex mosquitoes.
They said much more research is needed to learn whether the Culex mosquitoes can transmit Zika infections.
Repellency effect of forty-one essential oils against Aedes, Anopheles, and Culex mosquitoes.
Effects of rice culture practices on the abundance of Culex mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in northern Thailand.
Four cages of Culex mosquitoes from 4 separate underground parking lots, each with mosquitoes (> 100), were identified as Cx.
Culex mosquitoes, the principal vectors, are prolific in rural areas where their larvae breed in ground pools, especially in flooded rice fields.
3% positive incidence of Culex mosquitoes that spread diseases such as the West Nile virus and filariasis.
For example, Culex mosquitoes, which transmit West Nile and other life-threatening illnesses, are able to detect even minute concentrations of nonanal, a chemical substance given off by humans.