(kŭl′ə-nĕr′ē, kyo͞o′lə)
Of or relating to a kitchen or to cookery.

[Latin culīnārius, from culīna, kitchen; see pekw- in Indo-European roots.]

cu′li·nar′i·ly (-nâr′ə-lē) adv.
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Cathy Preston returned to us as a speaker, but this time she shared fascinating facts about how herbs can be used medicinally, culinarily and decoratively.
Originally a university writing assignment, Jim O'Connor's "The Bloke's Guide to Brilliant Cooking" will show even the most clueless male just how to culinarily impress the ladies like a chef by thinking the way a Bloke naturally thinks; like a guy!
For many Jewish families, the dish was considered "Dad food," meaning a dish that was simple enough for a culinarily challenged father to whip up for himself and the kids when Mom had an evening mah-jongg game.
Culinarily, calves' heads were one of the less-desirable forms of meat, salvaged either as the basis for head cheese or mock turtle soup (a popular Scottish dish).
Culinarily, too, I am grateful that, on my doorstep, I have the world's great cuisines at hand.
Culinarily, there is an interface between flour-centered Shaanxi cuisine, Islamic cuisine which features beef and mutton, spicy Sichuan cuisine, and so on.
"I think that we should use each animal to its fullest and chefs have a responsibility to be culinarily creative to make delicious food and kind of slow down our whole consumer culture," he said.
While it may be more convenient and culinarily satisfying to buy restaurant food rather than make it at home, the money you spend to do so could clearly be put to much better use.
Everything, from the pasta to the cheese selection, is thoughtful and authentic, a reward for the culinarily curious.
Victor, the culinarily adventurous Latino father, said that his father's and brother's involvement in food service led him to try new cuisines (personal interview, June 25, 2014).
If your cat is good, or culinarily picky, enough to be Cat Of The Week, please send a photo and details to the address above.