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Noun1.culinary art - the practice or manner of preparing food or the food so preparedculinary art - the practice or manner of preparing food or the food so prepared
cookery, cooking, preparation - the act of preparing something (as food) by the application of heat; "cooking can be a great art"; "people are needed who have experience in cookery"; "he left the preparation of meals to his wife"
dim sum - traditional Chinese cuisine; a variety of foods (including several kinds of steamed or fried dumplings) are served successively in small portions
haute cuisine - (French) an elaborate and skillful manner of preparing food
nouvelle cuisine - a school of French cooking that uses light sauces and tries to bring out the natural flavors of foods instead of making heavy use of butter and cream
rechauffe - warmed leftovers
gastronomy - a particular style of cookery (as of a region); "New England gastronomy"
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The very sight of him with one grimy thumb buried deep in the lukewarm stew, that seemed, from the frequency of its repetition, to constitute the pride of his culinary art, was sufficient to take away the girl's appetite.
The numerous cooks who attended on the Prince's progress, having exerted all their art in varying the forms in which the ordinary provisions were served up, had succeeded almost as well as the modern professors of the culinary art in rendering them perfectly unlike their natural appearance.
The one, to whose knowledge in the culinary art the other was indebted for his banquet, seemed the least disposed of the two to profit by his own skill.
And, amid these rich and potent devices of the culinary art (not one of which, probably, had been tested, within the memory of any man's grandfather), poor Hepzibah was seeking for some nimble little titbit, which, with what skill she had, and such materials as were at hand, she might toss up for breakfast.
Topping the event's agenda are notably an open meeting on the theme "Culinary Art throughout Tunisian History: Richness and Diversity" and a culinary marathon to shed light on over 60 Tunisian dishes that demonstrate ancient influences from the Roman and Byzantine eras to Islam and the Arab and Ottoman civilisations.
Returning to his roots in Syria's hub of cultures, Aleppo, he found some of his best recipes to satisfy his biggest passion in life -- culinary art. And like an artist, he blended contemporary methods with traditional elements to bring out the same savoury essence in the centuries-old field of gastronomy.
This year, the challenge is to win the awards in both categories (popular and technical) to prove to the world that "THE COUSCOUS IS TUNISIAN," Chief Wafik Belaid, president of the Tunisian Association of Professionals of Culinary Art (ATPAC) said at a press briefing held Monday in Tunis.
ISLAMABAD -- The Islamabad Serena Hotel continues the Culinary Art Festival tradition under it's Cultural Diplomacy initiative and brings the renowned Malaysian star chef Zaidah binti Mohammad Noor to Islamabad who transported the guests to the heart of Asia with her authentic Malay cuisine and impeccable techniques in culinary arts.
In addition to savory dishes ranging from Curried Yam and Apple Bisque; Asparagus Turkey with Cream Sauce; and Onion Casserole; to Celery with Pimento-Walnut Cheese; Potato Crusted Breakfast Pizza; and Pecan Pie with Bourbon Creme, The Hasty Gourmet Low Salt Favorites also provides such useful advice regarding what to stock in the low-salt pantry, low-salt shopping tips (including which brands to by and which to avoid), limiting sodium without sacrificing flavor, and the fine culinary art of substituting ingredients when adapting favorite recipes.
Supported and certified by City & Guilds accreditors and in partnership with the HTA School of Culinary Art, the new three-year programme will start in January 2013 and is expected to welcome hundreds of young and aspiring chefs currently working within the company.
SriLankan Catering Services won 23 medals at the Culinary Art, Sri Lanka's foremost hospitality industry competition, proving that it is more than capable of competing among the best in the business.SriLankan Catering, the in-flight catering arm of the National Carrier, was placed among the top ten of companies at Culinary Art, winning six Gold, six Silver, and 11 Bronze medals.