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tr.v. culled, cull·ing, culls
1. To pick out from others; select.
2. To gather; collect.
3. To remove rejected members or parts from (a herd, for example).
Something picked out from others, especially something rejected because of inferior quality.

[Middle English cullen, from Old French cuillir, from Latin colligere; see collect1.]

cull′er n.
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1. (Agriculture) a person employed to cull animals
2. (Agriculture) Austral and NZ an animal, esp a sheep, designated for culling
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Steve Culler, Low Voltage Resource Manager for Robins & Morton, has an everyday view into the urgency expressed by healthcare CIOs and hospital facilities directors.
Readers in general often take narrative structures for granted, probably due to their "naturalization" of these structures or what Jonathan Culler calls their "literary competence." In writing and reading a literary text, both writer and readers bring about an "implicit knowledge" of literary discourse that is "internalized." Thus, according to Culler, readers who are not familiar with the conventions of poetry, for instance, may not be able to recognize lines of a poem as literature for the very reason that they have not "internalized" the norms of poetic discourse.
Both Paul Bingaman, CEO InspecTools, and David Culler, CEO Hazon, will join PrecisionHawk's executive leadership team.
As the anchor artist of the Farm Bash concert series at Culler Farms in Gaston, SC, Mishoe took the stage to the delight of those who came to hear solid Country music.
The buzzing military airfields of wartime England were a long way from the Culler family farm in Syracuse, Indiana.
(3) Nos apoyaremos, principalmente, en algunos de los conceptos desarrollados por Jonathan Culler sobre el analisis y la interpretacion de la lirica aplicables al soneto, como la regla de pertinencia, la atemporalidad, la completud o la coherencia, de acuerdo a las consideraciones realizadas por el teorico norteamericano sobre el abordaje de textos poeticos.
Jonathan Culler has mentioned a typical phenomenon, that is, there is a wide range of topics in the field of comparative literature in the West, which has attracted many Ph.
From the company perspective, "the NRRA has significantly simplified how we operate as an eligible surplus lines insurer in states, and especially for multistate policies," said Scott Culler, WSIA Legislative Committee co-chair and Senior Managing Director, Professional Liability at Markel Corp.
A different and not fully adequate solution is offered by Jonathan Culler in Structuralist Poetics.
Sostiene el teorico Jonathan Culler que "interpretar una obra es explicar la historia de una lectura" (80).
TAYLOR RAEY A Culler Coats Village lad born and bred, died in his sleep at the Belvedere Care Home in Alderly Edge, Cheshire, aged 93.