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 (kŭl′ē) Archaic
n. pl. cul·lies
A fool or dupe.
tr.v. cul·lied, cul·ly·ing, cul·lies
To fool; cheat.

[Perhaps from cullion.]


n, pl -lies
slang pal; mate
[C17: of unknown origin]


(ˈkʌl i)

n., pl. -lies, n.
1. Archaic. a dupe.
2. Slang. fellow; companion.
3. Archaic. to trick; cheat; dupe.
[1655–65; perhaps shortening of cullion]
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Teacher Michael McCabe, his wife, Margaret, and other members of the staff of Cullies National School near the town of Shercock, along with the students were on a cruise on Lough Sillan when the vessel capsized and sank.