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Noun1.cult of personality - intense devotion to a particular person
fashion - the latest and most admired style in clothes and cosmetics and behavior
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The cult of personality is a cancerous addiction at the heart of British politics that kicks hard policy choices into the long grass.
"Sometimes we play it from beginning to end and start with Cult Of Personality and finish with Which Way To America and play the rest of the album throughout the show with some other songs from our other records, but most of the time you'll hear the whole of the record from start to finish in its entirety.
Bottom line for HT: the party has become "a cult of personality that embraces bigotry in this country and tyranny abroad."
In the endgame of democratic societies, it's not the cult of ideology but the cult of personality that's the real danger.
Moditva, that isEebuiltEeon Modi's cult of personality, is what I analyse more in the book because of his personal intimidation and character," Tharoor elaborated.
She explores that phenomenon in such terms as the medieval Magdalene: establishing a cult of personality, teacher of the dear apostles: Lutheran preaching on Mary Magdalene, love made her dare: the Magdalene among Catholic women, and these Magdalens: diversity in the reformed tradition.
Set on a bohemian Baltic coastal island, this novel of a cult of personality during the last days of the Soviet occupation of the GDR grips readers just as Kru-so's charisma grips our protagonist.
I have always been fascinated by educated people passionately supporting political parties purely on the basis of cult of personality, but I won't do that.
One of the earliest lessons was to be wary of "messianic" CEOs who nurtured a cult of personality. A cult of personality can quickly degenerate into a doctrine of infallibility, and infallibility is a dangerous delusion in the ever-changing world of business and markets.
The conference passed several resolutions demanding that the government devolve the administrative control of natural resources such as gas, oil, water and other minerals to the respective provincial governments, and warned on making 'cult of personality in state institutions'; in a show of support towards the 18th amendment.
The limit of two five-year presidential terms was written into China's constitution in 1982 after Mao's death six years earlier by Deng Xiaoping, who recognized the dangers of one-man rule and the cult of personality after the chaos of the Cultural Revolution and instead espoused collective leadership.
The theatre claimed a "cult of personality" had existed around Spacey, and his status and stardom had stopped people, in particular young actors and junior staff, from speaking out about his alleged actions.