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Noun1.cultivated plant - plants that are grown for their producecultivated plant - plants that are grown for their produce
tracheophyte, vascular plant - green plant having a vascular system: ferns, gymnosperms, angiosperms
weed - any plant that crowds out cultivated plants
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At the commencement of my observations it seemed to me probable that a careful study of domesticated animals and of cultivated plants would offer the best chance of making out this obscure problem.
The team will unlock how wild and cultivated plant species, across the plant kingdom, recruit their microbial partners to cope with environmental stress, maximize nutrient uptake, optimize growth and prime their immune system and second, harness microbiome functions to optimize future crop resilience and performance in a changing climate.
Which widely cultivated plant has leafstalks which are edible when cooked and poisonous leaves?
Although the phrase "cultivated plant" is widespread and often used to refer to domesticated plants, many cultivated plants are simply wild plants that are cultivated, and the different concepts should not be confused.
The aim of this study was to carry out comparative assessment of pollution level of water from Aleksandrovacki canal, Serbia, using both chemical methods and phytoindicators, and to estimate its potential use for irrigation of four most commonly cultivated plant species in this area (maize, barley, cucumber and white mustard).
Googling a runner Sugar Beet 2.50 Lingfield Sugar beet is a cultivated plant of beta vulgaris, whose tuber contains a high concentration of sucrose.
The evolution of cultivated plant species: Classical plant breeding versus genetic engineering.
Another issue is the production of Qat, a heavily cultivated plant that produces natural stimulants when its leaves are chewed.
The HPLC analysis of EtOHE, showed that coumarin (CM) and VA were the major constituents from the cultivated plant, while in the extract from the wild plant the major constituents were amburoside A (AMB) and CM.
What is the world's most widely cultivated plant, grown on every continent except Antarctica?
Palms are among the best known and extensively cultivated plant families in Syria.