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1. One who cultivates: an inveterate cultivator of beautiful gardens; a cultivator of valuable corporate contacts.
2. An implement or machine for loosening the soil and destroying weeds around growing plants.
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1. (Agriculture) a farm implement equipped with shovels, blades, etc, used to break up soil and remove weeds
2. a person or thing that cultivates
3. (Agriculture) a person who grows, tends, or improves plants or crops
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(ˈkʌl təˌveɪ tər)

1. a person or thing that cultivates.
2. an implement drawn between rows of growing plants to loosen the earth and destroy weeds.
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A plow intended to be used for cultivation.
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Noun1.Cultivator - someone concerned with the science or art or business of cultivating the soilcultivator - someone concerned with the science or art or business of cultivating the soil
farmer, granger, husbandman, sodbuster - a person who operates a farm
fruit grower - someone who grows fruit commercially
viticulturist - a cultivator of grape vine
2.cultivator - a farm implement used to break up the surface of the soil (for aeration and weed control and conservation of moisture)
farm machine - a machine used in farming
harrow - a cultivator that pulverizes or smooths the soil
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آلة حِراثَه
talajmegmunkáló gép
saban veya pulluk


[ˈkʌltɪveitəʳ] N
1. (= person) → cultivador(a) m/f
2. (= machine) → cultivadora f
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[ˈkʌltɪveɪtər] n
(= tool) → cultivateur m
(= machine) → motoculteur m
(= person) → cultivateur/trice m/f
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(= machine)Kultivator m, → Grubber m
(= person) a cultivator of the soil/of new friendshipsjemand, der den Boden bebaut/neue Freundschaften pflegt
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[ˈkʌltɪˌveɪtəʳ] n
a. (machine) → coltivatore m
b. (person) → coltivatore/trice
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(ˈkaltiveit) verb
1. to prepare (land) for crops.
2. to grow (a crop in a garden, field etc). He cultivates mushrooms in the cellar.
ˈcultivated adjective
1. (of fields etc) prepared for crops; used for growing crops. cultivated land.
2. grown in a garden etc; not wild. a cultivated variety of raspberries.
3. having good manners; educated. a cultivated young lady; He has cultivated tastes in music.
ˌcultiˈvation noun
ˈcultivator noun
a tool or machine for breaking up ground and removing weeds.
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References in classic literature ?
'There is no room even for a mouse,' shrilled the wife of a well- to-do cultivator - a Hindu Jat from the rich Jullundur, district.
'Nay, help,' said the cultivator, putting out a large brown hand and hauling him in.
'That we believe,' snorted the cultivator's wife malignantly.
He always bore down on the handles of the cultivator and drove the blades so deep into the earth that the horses were soon exhausted.
Shimerda then drove the second cultivator; she and Antonia worked in the fields all day and did the chores at night.
In plants which are temporarily propagated by cuttings, buds, &c., the importance of the crossing both of distinct species and of varieties is immense; for the cultivator here quite disregards the extreme variability both of hybrids and mongrels, and the frequent sterility of hybrids; but the cases of plants not propagated by seed are of little importance to us, for their endurance is only temporary.
One circumstance has struck me much; namely, that all the breeders of the various domestic animals and the cultivators of plants, with whom I have ever conversed, or whose treatises I have read, are firmly convinced that the several breeds to which each has attended, are descended from so many aboriginally distinct species.
He soon became a land-holder, then a prosperous cultivator of the soil, and shortly after a town-officer.
Old Cato, whose "De Re Rustica" is my "Cultivator," says -- and the only translation I have seen makes sheer nonsense of the passage -- "When you think of getting a farm turn it thus in your mind, not to buy greedily; nor spare your pains to look at it, and do not think it enough to go round it once.
In a country consisting chiefly of the cultivators of land, where the rules of an equal representation obtain, the landed interest must, upon the whole, preponderate in the government.
O my brethren, I consecrate you and point you to a new nobility: ye shall become procreators and cultivators and sowers of the future;--
Then it reached them through the Press that they habitually flogged to death good revenue-paying cultivators who neglected to stop earths; but that the few, the very few who did not die under hippohide whips soaked in copperas, walked about on their gangrenous ankle-bones, and were known in derision as the Mudir's Cranes.