culture hero

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cul′ture he`ro

1. a mythical or mythicized historical figure who embodies the aspirations or ideals of a society.
2. a mythical figure considered by a people to have founded its fundamental institutions or provided the basis for its subsistence.
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The family owe this pre-eminence to the fact that Igbos believe Eri, an earlier Nri ancestor, was considered the 'culture hero', initiating the transition from foraging in the West African forests to farming and establishing settled communities through the domestication of a number of crops, principally yams, coco yams, bread fruit and palm trees.
Random Acts was able to launch the hotline with the help of IMAlive, To Write Love on Her Arms and Pop Culture Hero Coalition.
Impossible to answer and pointless to ask, but he would probably be as wilful as his fellow counter culture hero Bob Dylan.
A distinctive feature of the Sugi Sakit is that it incorporated a narrative epic--a story of adventure and romance featuring Bujang Sugi--the Iban culture hero Keling in disguise.
The shoe industry was started by capitan del pueblo Laureano Guevarra, the culture hero popularly known as Kapitan Moy, founder of the Philippine footwear industry.
In the novel's prologue the Word is the breath and spirit of creation, with the entire novel bound into a desired totality where poetry and an array of gusts and gales herald the incoming Toltec god of wind: Ehecatl Quetzalcoatl, the inventor of the Mesoamerican calendar, creator of humanity, and a culture hero with an avowed aversion to human sacrifice.
Franklin explores accounts of the culture hero of ancient Cyprus, Kinyas, focusing particularly on evidence from the island itself and on musical matters relevant to Kinyas' first manifestation as The Divine Lyre.
Early in her initial fieldwork she recorded a recitation of the legend of the Kelabit culture hero Tuked Rini and his battle against powerful spirits.
Contributors of these essays start with unpacking the story of Moses in the bulrushes and progressing to stories of trial and quest (for example, Jason and the theft of the golden fleece), myth and monstrosity (Perseus and Medusa), the culture hero (Gesar of Ling), and heroes on a journey (Harry Potter).
But on still another hand--apologies for this echo of Tevye--Sholern Aleichem, both the man and "the figure Sholem Rabinovich fashioned by will, effort and imagination," needed no Broadway Tevye to solidify his standing as "a culture hero."
The story of a culture hero Goleiangaianga / Onka provides background information of who had spoken Wogeo custom into existence and secured the rising of pigs and production of food.
While Stewart and Ohtake's (1999) conception is culture-specific (Chinese in this case), culture hero in the present study is understood in a more general sense--an iconic figure of whatever nationality who has been included in the textbook.