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A dove or pigeon.

[Middle English, from Old English culufre, from Vulgar Latin *columbra, from Latin columbula, diminutive of columba, dove.]


(Animals) an archaic or poetic name for pigeon1, dove1
[Old English culfre, from Latin columbula a little dove, from columba dove]


(ˈpɪdʒ ən)

1. any bird of the family Columbidae, having a plump body and small head, esp. the larger species with square or rounded tails. Compare dove 1 (def. 1) .
2. Slang.
a. a girl or young woman.
b. a person who is easily fooled or cheated.
[1350–1400; Middle English pejon young dove < Middle French pijon < Late Latin pīpiōnem, acc. of pīpiō squab, akin to pīpīre, pīpāre to chirp]
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