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The ugly cumbersomeness of the furniture alone impressed her now.
The reasons for poor usage could be nonavailability of PPE, difficulty and cumbersomeness in use, lack of training, inability to purchase PPEs due to cost and lack of knowledge regarding importance of use of PPE during work.
Many of them had collapsed and died while on the queue to collect the paltry sum received as pension or being screened for the umpteenth time because of the cumbersomeness of their pension administration system.
system does not solve the slowness or cumbersomeness of the MLAT process
Criticism of proposals for such disclosure, such as the supposed cumbersomeness of disclosure requirements, or arguments that such requirements might encroach on privacy, are not valid in regard to the mining sector.
cumbersomeness and delays often encountered in complying with explicit
Conventional methods like proportion method are cumbersomeness and have longturnaround time.
The sheer cumbersomeness of our constitutional structure usually requires extended negotiation leading to a substantial consensus before the government can act, and the spectacle of continuous public extemporizing makes it difficult for our leaders to pretend that they command events.
at 959 (invalidating a decades-old practice of legislative vetoes reflected in more than 200 statutes on originalist and textualist grounds and observing that "[t]here is no support in the Constitution or decisions of this Court for the proposition that the cumbersomeness and delays often encountered in complying with explicit constitutional standards may be avoided").

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