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1. A Latin-American dance originating among African slave populations on Colombia's Caribbean coast and characterized by short sliding steps.
2. The music for this dance.

[Colombian and Panamanian Spanish; akin to Cuban Spanish cumbé, an Afro-Caribbean dance; see bachata.]
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(Music, other) a rhythmic style of music originating in Colombia
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Altman and Vejarano, too, have seen the inevitable crossing of folklore and pop culture as younger dancers work to make cumbia their own.
The crowd, mostly Latino, is a mix of slickly-dressed young professionals, older straight couples cuddling at tables, groups of lesbians on their weekly night out, gay couples who make out on the dance floor and some of the city's top salsa and cumbia dancers.
Her greatest hits were "Solo Por Ti" and "Casi," both released in 2003 on the album "Soraya." She was well known for integrating cumbia and flamenco music with her own style of pop-rock.
The entertainment includes a variety of musical styles: rock and roll, cumbia, acoustic folk, campesino folk, and a heavy metal band that plays a tribute to the Jesuits who were killed by the armed forces in 1989.
For his second-track offering, D'Leon launches into the lively cumbia "La Mazucamba" with speedy lyrics and a maddeningly catchy chiqui-chiqui-cha, which requires an immediate hip-swinging response as does the rest of the album.
The five-piece perform a set that encompasses the full range of Latin rhythms - from Colombian cumbia to reggae via salsa and merengue.
The opening track "Cumbia sobre el Rio" featuring Control Machete, and the heart-breaking bolero "Aunque no sea Conmigo," with Cafe Tacuba, are worth noting--just in case Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen sound too distant from the post-Sept.
CUMBIA - Drumming, clapping party music from Colombia, best performed on the move with a flower in your mouth.
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