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1. Marked by or given to artful subtlety and deceptiveness.
2. Executed with or exhibiting ingenuity.
3. Delicately pleasing; pretty or cute: a cunning pet.
1. Skill in deception; guile.
2. Skill or adeptness in execution or performance; dexterity.

[Middle English, present participle of connen, to know, from Old English cunnan; see gnō- in Indo-European roots.]

cun′ning·ly adv.
cun′ning·ness n.
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A corn factor, a horse jockey, an estate agent, and a jackdaw for cunningness, say I!" And he laughed again till he shook in his shoes with mirth.
The Modi government, the CM said is trying to hoodwink the world on the issue while Prime Minister Imran Khan has vigorously projected Indian cunningness.
He said the Modi government has tried to hoodwink the whole world on the issue of Occupied Kashmir while Prime Minister Imran Khan has vigorously projected Indian cunningness and mean approach.
LAHORE -- Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Punjab chapter information sectary Hassan Murtaza has alleged that the journey of 'lies' and cunningness' begun by Prime Minister Imran Khan by selling out PM House's vehicles and buffaloes a year ago has culminated in 'Kashmir sell-out'.
Syed Arifullah Hussaini said to win today's war we do not need the latest tools and innovation, we just need cunningness to win.
Pettigrew one of the characters.' (6) Gomis was concerned with the relative perception of moral guilt depending on whether it is the individual or the other who misbehaves, and focused on the feeling of the moral guilt that emerges when the individual fails to act not against charity, but against her/his personal interests, like Mrs Pettigrew, and thence his/her intelligence strives to refine his/her cunningness.
The authors highlight the importance accorded in Greek mythology to Metis, a sort of cunningness which enables one to emerge victorious from an inextricable situation by finding the points of reference that indicate the correct path.
Junaid added, "The people of Jammu and Kashmir fear that Pakistan's sheer cunningness and utter hypocrisy will keep prevailing at the expense of my generation and coming generations.
He explains that satan's power to lure is in cunningness and subtilty.
"Certain countries that want to negotiate with the US are gullible because the US behavior towards the nuclear deal is an instance of the colonialist state's non-commitment and cunningness," Jahangiri said, addressing a ceremony in Alborz province near Tehran on Tuesday.
He went on to say JIT tried to conceal the facts with all cunningness which had gone in his favor but every thing has been exposed in trial court.