cup final

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Cup Final

1. (Soccer) the Cup Final the annual final of the FA Cup soccer competition, played at Wembley, or the Scottish Cup, played at Hampden Park
2. (Team Sports, other than specified) (often not capitals) the final of any cup competition
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Noun1.cup final - the final match of any cup competition (such as the annual final of the English soccer competition at Wembley)
association football, soccer - a football game in which two teams of 11 players try to kick or head a ball into the opponents' goal
final - the final match between the winners of all previous matches in an elimination tournament
مبارة نِهائيّة لِنيْل الكأس
finále o pohár
bikarúrslit, úrslitaleikur í bikarkeppni
finále pohára
kupa finali

cup final

n (Brit) (Ftbl) → finale f di coppa


(kap) noun
1. a usually round hollow container to hold liquid for drinking, often with a handle. a teacup; a cup of tea.
2. an ornamental vessel, usually of silver or other metal, given as a prize in sports events etc. They won the Football League Cup.
verbpast tense, past participle cupped
1. to form (one's hands) into the shape of a cup. He cupped his hands round his mouth and called.
2. to hold (something) in one's cupped hands. He cupped the egg in his hands.
ˈcupful noun
three cupfuls of water.
cupboard (ˈkabəd) noun
(American ˈcloset) a cabinet of any size up to that of a small room for storing anything. Put the food in the cupboard; a broom cupboard.
cup final
the final match in a football competition in which the prize is a cup.
ˈcup-tie noun
one of a series of games in a football competition in which the prize is a cup.
one's cup of tea
the sort of thing one likes or prefers. Classical music is not my cup of tea.
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The 2018 FA Cup Final is expected to happen at the same time.
THREE Huddersfield Town FA Cup final programmes, which cost a total of one shilling and threepence new - nearly 8p in modern money - sold for PS1,170 at an auction.
DAILY POLL CAN Aberdeen pull off a shock against Celtic in the Scottish Cup Final today?
Fred Keenor offers Billy Hardy a cup final drink watched by reserve Tom Pirie while in the background manager Fred Stewart talks to Cardiff Lord Mayor William Gray | Cardiff City players celebrate FA Cup success in 1927.
Combination Cup final (at Dunston UTS): Half Moon v Coachman.
SINCE the league was founded in 1888, there has been at least one top-flight side in every FA Cup Final - both Arsenal and Hull overcame lower league opposition in the semi-finals.
NORTHAMPTON captain Phil Dowson has challenged his side to bury the memories of recent cup final disasters in today's LV Cup final against Exeter at Sandy Park.
45pm VIEWERS of tonight's clash between Chelsea and Spurs will almost certainly be told that the game is like a cup final, writes James Milton.
A WORLD record has been set for the sale of an FA Cup final programme, detailing the clash between Manchester United and Bristol City.
FA CHAIRMAN David Bernstein remains hopeful that next season's FA Cup final will not clash with any Premier League fixtures.
THE FA Cup final has avoided a direct clash with the penultimate round of Premier League fixtures after they were all moved yesterday to accommodate the Wembley showpiece.