adj.1.shaped like a cup.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
The ears, which were slightly above the eyes and closer together, were small, cup-shaped antennae, protruding not more than an inch on these young specimens.
The other had increased much in size; and towards its posterior end, a clear space was formed in the parenchymatous mass, in which a rudimentary cup-shaped mouth could clearly be distinguished; on the under surface, however, no corresponding slit was yet open.
He said only the helicopter could deliver relief goods to the residents but as the valley had narrow and cup-shaped topography, the helicopter's landing was possible in one place of its upper-most village.
It is an evergreen shrub that produces bright yellow, waxy and cup-shaped flowers up to 5cm across right through until autumn.
The World Cup-shaped cake also has a Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) logo on it.
Which four letter word, beginning with "Z" is an ornamental metal cup-shaped holder for holding a coffee cup?
The sections themselves are by visible feature, among them medium to large white-spored mushrooms with a waxy texture, chanterelles and allies, and mushrooms with cup-shaped or flat fruiting bodies.
The cup-shaped, soft rice cakes, described as this town's 'white gold,' are produced in the villages of Dinalaoan, Lumbang, Ambuetel and parts of Nalsian here.
It's a desirable ornamental plant with its handsome evergreen foliage, and its nodding cup-shaped flowers are delicately rimmed with purple.
For the suppliers of mass finishing equipment so-called "cup-shaped" castings can pose major challenges: Upon completion of the finishing cycle such work pieces, for example battery housings, can contain a certain amount of processing media, which might be carried out of the machine with the work pieces.
Closed examination revealed that specimen from Bungo Range National Park has several distinguishing morphological characteristics, i.e., elliptic and oblong-elliptic leave with caudate apex, being bilobed with tomentose and black stripes at the margin of the ligule, orange flower, a widening cup-shaped stigma with cilia, and distinct trilobed (Table 1, Figures 2 and 3).