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 (ko͞o′prĭk, kyo͞o′-)
Relating to or containing copper, especially with valence 2.
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(Chemistry) of or containing copper in the divalent state
[C18: from Late Latin cuprum copper]
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(ˈkyu prɪk, ˈku-)

containing bivalent copper.
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Adj.1.cupric - of or containing divalent copper
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Toteng in the Ngamiland District will get a second chance to host a copper mine with the re-opening of old Boseto Mine that will trade as Khoemacau Copper Mines under ownership of Cupric Canyon Capital.
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Cupric oxide should not be used as a copper supplement for either animals or humans.
The exposed copper (~40[micro]m) is etched away using conventional cupric chloride etchants to define the circuitry.
Acceptable leaching rates have been achieved using thiosulphate in the presence of ammonia with cupric ion acting as the oxidant.
Tyrosine, sodium hydroxide, cupric acetate monohydrate, platinum chloride and palladium chloride were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich.
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