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Being such that curing or healing is possible: curable diseases.

cur′a·bil′i·ty n.
cur′a·bly adv.
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Noun1.curability - capability of being cured or healed
characteristic - a distinguishing quality
incurability, incurableness - incapability of being cured or healed


nHeilbarkeit f
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Speaking on the topic, 'Agricultural Engineering: Curability and Potency for Sustainable Food Security and National Development', Professor Manuwa said it was important to study the nature of the soil and its properties in order to cultivate soil sustainability.
qualification/ curability for the contract work, i) Scanned copy of the cost of the tender document, ii) Scanned copy of the EMD/ Bid Security (see clause no- 6 of section-l, part-
This is especially necessary for developing countries like China where most HCC patients are past early-stage disease at diagnosis, where liver resection still represents the cornerstone for any curability attempt.
Prostate-specific antigen velocity risk count assessment: A new concept for detection of life-threatening prostate cancer during window of curability.
When questioned about their knowledge regarding curability, 310 (77.
Our study displayed that rural residents did not have proper information regarding curability of TB.
As Dr Jiri Kubes, medical director at the Proton Therapy Center in Prague, puts it: "Proton therapy maximises curability while significantly minimising the risk of possible side-effects, ultimately preserving patients' quality of life.
The new vinylester resin not only has high corrosion resistance and normal temperature curability but also realizes safe work environment.
In 2010, LSR sales reached 11% in the world market of silicone elastomers [3], This trend is due to its distinguished thermal and mechanical properties including fast curability, excellent temperature stability, and good resilience [4], Therefore, LSR can be used as medical tubes, soothers, baking molds or seals in automotive applications [5, 6].
Various medical experts said the drug which has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) will increase the curability rate by 20 per cent and prolong the life of the cancer patients.
Although awareness regarding basic aspects of TB was adequate, knowledge about prevention, curability and free treatment of TB should be stressed.