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1. The side of a pavement or street that is bordered by a curb.
2. A sidewalk.


the US spelling of kerbside



1. a side of a pavement or street bordered by a curb.
2. being adjacent to a curb.
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Noun1.curbside - the side of a sidewalk that is bordered by a curb; "policemen stood at intervals along the curbside"
pavement, paving - the paved surface of a thoroughfare
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Batavia panel wants curbside food scrap collection option
Tenders Are Invited For Curbside Collection - Processing & Marketing Of Recyclable Material And Curbside Collection Of Garbage
com)-- Recycling in Houston has been a challenge for its environmentally conscious citizens, and when the city of Houston removed glass bottles and jars from their residential single-stream curbside recycling program in 2016, many residents began looking for a new way to easily recycle these materials.
After a successful test, CVS Pharmacy has rolled out its CVS Curbside Pickup service to more than 4,000 stores nationwide.
CVS Health is also investing in Curbside, demonstrating the company's commitment to driving further innovations that will help customers save time and money while pursuing a healthier lifestyle.
in the chamber room of Town Hall to accept comments relative to a proposed municipal curbside recycling program.
Tens of thousands of Eugene and Springfield residents routinely rinse and set aside nondeposit wine, juice and other bottles and jars, then put them out for curbside recycling in specially marked boxes.
residents is down almost 40 percent one year after the city implemented curbside food-waste collection.
Many physicians seek or provide curbside advice several times a month.
American Airlines (NYSE:AMR) on Thursday announced it is expanding its Curbside Check-In service to give customers travelling internationally with the opportunity to check their bags with the skycap baggage handler.
Travel Business Review-October 21, 2011--American Airlines Introduces Curbside Check-In for International Customers(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.
households in December as the city prepared to roll out single-stream curbside recycling.