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n. pl. cur·cu·li·os
A snout beetle, especially one that is a pest of fruit trees.

[New Latin Curculiō, type genus, from Latin curculiō, a kind of weevil.]


n, pl -lios
(Animals) any of various American weevils, esp Conotrachelus nenuphar (plum curculio), a pest of fruit trees
[C18: from Latin: grain weevil]


(kɜrˈkyu liˌoʊ)

n., pl. -li•os.
any of several weevils, esp. of the genus Conotrachelus, that feed on fruits.
[1750–60; < Latin: weevil, corn worm]
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Southerners love crowder, purple hull and black-eyed peas; so do cowpea curculios, a weevil that feeds on Southern peas.
The traps set by Riley and Kicklighter in their research plots have detected cowpea curculios as early as April 10 in south Georgia.
Traditionally, farmers begin spraying the crop foliage for curculios when the crop initially flowers.
Destroying dockweed near rhubarb may be helpful in controlling curculios.
The analysis also showed that location of the treatment plots within the 'Loring' orchard did not have any significant effect on the number of plum curculios that emerged from the treatments in 2008 ([F.
The generally low level of emergence recorded in both the field and greenhouse studies suggests that immature plum curculios in the soil are highly prone to natural mortality factors.
Plum curculio is currently a serious pest of peaches in Alabama and much of the southeastern U.
Curculios that attack the young fruits and shoots of walnut and hickory.
Curculio fulvus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and its effects on acorns of live oak, Quercus virginiana Miller.
Adult plum curculios migrate in early spring from overwintering sites in adjacent woods to infest peach orchards (Snapp 1930; Yonce et al.
However, direct observations in Byron, GA, revealed that ants are the dominant invertebrate predators of plum curculio larvae, causing up to 62% mortality.
Plum curculio is currently controlled with highly efficacious organophosphate insecticides.