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v. cur·dled, cur·dling, cur·dles
a. To change into curd.
b. To become congealed or lumpy: The sauce curdled in the pan.
2. To become spoiled or transformed into something bad: Warm feelings curdled into distrust.
1. To cause to curdle, congeal, or become lumpy: "The inlet was curdled with slush" (Alyson Carol Hagy).
2. To cause to be spoiled or transformed into something bad: "an event that curdled whatever goodwill the prince had awakened" (Julia Whitty).

[Frequentative of curd.]
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Adj.1.curdled - transformed from a liquid into a soft semisolid or solid mass; "coagulated blood"; "curdled milk"; "grumous blood"
thick - relatively dense in consistency; "thick cream"; "thick soup"; "thick smoke"; "thick fog"
References in classic literature ?
He then offered me some curdled milk, very sour, with barley-meal, which we boiled, and thought it the best entertainment we had met with a long time.
May I never have luck if they're not gold rings, and real gold, and set with pearls as white as a curdled milk, and every one of them worth an eye of one's head
But in Jane the milk of human kindness had not been curdled by years of matrimonial bickerings.
She could not pass it; she might have done so, perhaps, in the darkness without being seized, but her blood curdled at the thought.
As the credulous and excited traveler related the hazardous chances of the wilderness, the blood of the timid curdled with terror, and mothers cast anxious glances even at those children which slumbered within the security of the largest towns.
She ate the curdled milk, but the porridge she would not eat, saying that she was too weary.
The curdled egg is a sort of shakshouka (an Arabic egg preparation) with tomato, capsicum and onion.
He's a friend of mine," Jenna fumed with a look that could have curdled milk.
I rise and eat from curdled fruits that taste like Island.
He writes "Yet there are some British Left whose hatred (perhaps understandable) of the Israeli government has curdled into anti-Semitism.
I'm too lazy and I don't like to sweat, so I don't think I could do it - Sharon Osbourne would love to be a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, but has reservations ' Mine looks like it has curdled.