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1. The part of milk that coagulates when the milk sours or is treated with enzymes. Curd is used to make cheese.
2. A lump of curd: cheese curds.
3. A coagulated liquid that resembles milk curd.
intr. & tr.v. curd·ed, curd·ing, curds
To form or cause to form into curd; curdle.

[Middle English, variant of crud; probably akin to crowden, to press; see crowd1.]

curd′y adj.


adj (= coagulated)geronnen, dick; (= lumpy)klumpig
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"Tell me, tell me!" he said, passionately clasping her, in forgetfulness of his curdy hands: "do tell me that you won't belong to anybody but me!"
The halloumi was just as it should be: cooked until slightly crisped on the outside and soft - almost curdy - in the middle.
FORMER telly and radio star Bryce Curdy has walked free from court after being cleared of raping a 12-year-old girl.
In our study common clinical characteristics of Bacterial keratitis were short duration of history, greyish white with curdy purulent slough in 71.4% cases.
Curdy white discharge was seen in 4 women and yeast cells with mycelia were demonstrated in a 10% KOH preparation.
To finish, my choice is the Almond Jelly-jiggly, curdy and not too sweet.
Vendors moved among the crowds hawking vegetable and potato curries in banana-leaf bowls, chapattis, steaming chai or curdy yogurt in little clay pots that could be discarded anywhere and would thus be recycled into the earth from which they came.
The same has been observed by Mc Curdy in patients who were critically ill23.
Song & Error, a debut by American poet Averill Curdy, also approaches the ineffable--though perhaps more skeptically, and at a different juncture.
Mc Curdy, K.W., Langford, G.A., Doscher, M.W., Wiley, L.P., & Mallard, K.G.
Signs included vulval erythema, vulval oedema, fissures, excoriation or thick curdy vaginal discharge.