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1. The part of milk that coagulates when the milk sours or is treated with enzymes. Curd is used to make cheese.
2. A lump of curd: cheese curds.
3. A coagulated liquid that resembles milk curd.
intr. & tr.v. curd·ed, curd·ing, curds
To form or cause to form into curd; curdle.

[Middle English, variant of crud; probably akin to crowden, to press; see crowd1.]

curd′y adj.


adj (= coagulated)geronnen, dick; (= lumpy)klumpig
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he said, passionately clasping her, in forgetfulness of his curdy hands: "do tell me that you won't belong to anybody but me
Does it feel spongy, creamy, curdy, crumbly, grainy, or even crystallized, perhaps?
Signs included vulval erythema, vulval oedema, fissures, excoriation or thick curdy vaginal discharge.
Vaginal discharge that''s white and curdy, soreness, a fine red rash at the tops of your thighs.
Early intervention and early special education for young children with disabilities are topics of much import and national debate (Artiles, 2003; Mc Curdy, 2005; Trotter, 2006).
Following the legal blunder, victim Alan Curdy said: "Rodden and his flunkies were a joke but Blades was the guy we feared.
Kahlua, 31, daughter of for-meTV presenter Bryce Curdy, and ex-policeman James, 30, were unavailable for contact.
Among its week of events The Stage Centre welcomes Kevin Curdy, who recently worked on Doctor Who and with film star Nicholas Cage, and will be showing children aged 7-16 how to stage fights for TV, film and on stage.