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 (ko͝or′ē-ə, kyo͝or′-)
n. pl. cu·ri·ae (ko͝or′ē-ē′, kyo͝or′-)
a. One of the ten primitive subdivisions of a tribe in early Rome, consisting of ten gentes.
b. The assembly place of such a subdivision.
a. The Roman senate or any of the various buildings in which it met in republican Rome.
b. The place of assembly of high councils in various Italian cities under Roman administration.
3. The ensemble of central administrative and governmental services in imperial Rome.
4. often Curia Roman Catholic Church The central administration governing the Church.
a. A medieval assembly or council.
b. A medieval royal court of justice.

[Latin cūria, council, curia; see wī-ro- in Indo-European roots.]

cu′ri·al adj.
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'Most feeding programs provided for children are given in schools but the curial period is before 3-years-old, and NVC has taken the path less taken,' she said.
He said Indian violation of the Pakistani airspace on February 27 highlighted the actual and curial face of India to the rest of world.
According to ODW Elektrik's CEO Martin Ehret, the home regulations being aligned with the European ones and the institutional support were curial for their decision to invest more.
Benedict XVI was shy and uncomfortable as pope, and entirely (if surprisingly) uninterested in curial reform, which explains in part why Jorge Mario Bergoglio became Francis.
Pope Francis and his Council of Cardinals met this week to continue their discussion of curial reform and to work on the draft of a new apostolic constitution outlining the structure and duties of the Roman Curia.
09 : 13 PM - 14/03/2018 New York, Mar.14 (BNA): Bahraini women play a crucial curial in promoting their country's development and progress.
La segunda parte del libro bajo el titulo general de Una elite administrativa: los cardenales de la curia romana, incluye trece trabajos, organizados bajo los siguientes epigrafes: <<nacidos>> consejeros: la influencia de los cardenales en el proceso decisional; los cardenales en el equilibrio curial; y los cardenales, artesanos de la diplomacia pontificia.
On 22 June 2001, he was appointed Titular Archbishop of Tarsus of Greek Melkites and Curial Bishop and Auxiliary Bishop in the Melkite Patriarchate.
The book's six chapters examine Pope Martin V and Niccolo Signorili's vision of Roman revival; aspects of courtly life (and its many pitfalls); curial plans for reform of the church; the impact of Eugenius IV's papal ceremonial; and the differing visions of Eugenius IV, Biondo Flavio, and Filarete for the rebuilding of Rome.
Martha's Guest House, curial officials, visiting dignitaries, foreign bishops, representatives of religious congregations, or others who manage day-to-day life in the Vatican State such as the gardening and waste collection staff.
What might appear first to be a book of parts serves to underline the existence of multiple visions and cultures cohabiting and competing with each other within curial Rome.