curling stone

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curl′ing stone`

an oblate stone or iron object having a handle on the top by which it is released in the game of curling.
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Either that or they'd been miniaturised and marooned atop a curling stone. I was halfexpecting giant broomcarrying Scottish ladies to appear and start brushing them towards the target zone.
Winners were: The Kingdom Trophy - Les Watson, Fiona Robertson, Grant Coubrough and Mary MacGregor; KeysTrophy -Kirsty Cuthbert, Ewan Ferguson, Evelyn Aitchison and John Rennie; Duncan Davidson Salver - Les Watson, Donna Mills, Grant Coubrough and Rowena Boome; Hendry Rosebowl - Les Watson, Fiona Robertson, Dougie Chalmers and Kirsty Cuthbert; Wooden Curling Stone - Nander Robertson, John Rennie, Michael Kay and Les Watson; Pairs - Margaret Armstrong and Ewan Ferguson; Ladies Points - Fiona Robertson; Gents Points - Les Watson; Closing Bonspiel - Rowena Boome, John Rennie, Mary MacGregor, Ewan Ferguson, Annette Macdonald and Grant Coubrough.
What matters is the boost it gave the Tory benches, who went away for Christmas happy, and the headache the size of curling stone it gave the Labour operation.
And Brooke Johnson, whose Facebook home page includes the phrase "I Love Rocks!", gave a very detailed potential explanation, posting: "Looks like a broken up whale stone or curling stone which are giant carbonate nodules from the Jet Rock, probably weathered from inland and then dumped by a glacier.
Nishimoto was shown using a tea kettle as a curling stone, inspired by the performance of the Japanese women's curling team at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
In the parody ad, a model wearing glasses poses as the female curler and holds the garlic ham, instead of a curling stone.
Evidence that curling existed in Scotland in the early 16th century includes a curling stone inscribed with the date 1511 uncovered (along with another bearing the date 1551) when an old pond was drained at Dunblane, Scotland.
East Ayrshire is also home to a range of unique businesses such as Olympic curling stone manufacturers, Kays Scotland, and leading fabrication and specialist metalworkers, Annandale Designs.
Dyson has just announced its own robot, but most of its advanced features are not in the sensors or software but the hardware--things like tank tracks for extra grip and manoeuvrability, a small but powerful motor and an almost miniature cyclone to cram Dyson's signature bagless tech into a machine the size of curling stone.
He admitted that it was a tough last shot and to succeed, with the help of his teammates who perfectly swept the curling stone, was just "cool." Gushue's teammate Mark Nichols said that he never would have thought that they would win two of the three Grand Slam curling tournaments.
And publications were crammed with pictures of Russia's Torah Bright, bizarrely dressed in basque and stockings while clutching a curling stone; Liechtenstein Alpine ski star Tina Weirather and pouting USA speed skater Allison Baver, featured in lacy underwear.
Washington, May 14 ( ANI ): Researchers from Sweden cliam to have found out the mechanism behind the curved path in the curling stone.