curling stone

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curl′ing stone`

an oblate stone or iron object having a handle on the top by which it is released in the game of curling.
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Some office workers played their own games, using robot vacuums and sticks as curling stones and brooms.
DRAMA Just when the police think the case has been brought to a close, the underwater drone on Alan's boat picks up the image of a drowned man trapped at the bottom of the loch with curling stones.
Matthews, Edinburgh That is indeed true - and more than two-thirds of all curling stones are made from granite from the Ailsa Craig - a small granite island in the Firth of Clyde.
STROKE survivors can forge a path back to health with curling stones donated in tribute to a much-loved rugby stalwart.
Only two places in the world manufacture curling stones like those used in the Winter Olympics at Sochi - and they are both in the UK.
I don't think I've seen so many hats in the shape of curling stones in one place before.
Sports-specific logos are also common, with curlers previously having received condom packets with curling stones on them.
The cost of training, travel and the allimportant curling stones is forcing all seven members to dig deep into their own pockets to finance their goals.
The dynamics of curling stones have been the subject of a number of studies (Denny, 1998; Jensen and Shegelski, 2004; Marmo and Blackford, 2004; Penner, 2001; Shegelski et al.
A haven for Catholics during the Scottish Reformation, the island was quarried in the 19th and 20th centuries for its rare micro-granite, used to make curling stones, but has been uninhabited since its lighthouse was automated in 1990.
Early curling stones in Canada were made of whatever local materials people could find, including wood or iron.