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also cur·ragh  (kûr′əKH, kûr′ə)
n. Scots & Irish
1. A boat made of waterproof material over a light wood frame, traditionally propelled by means of oars or a sail.
2. A coracle.

[Middle English currok, from Middle Irish curach, from Old Irish; akin to Welsh corwgl, coracle.]
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(ˈkʌrəx; ˈkʌrə) ,




(Nautical Terms) a Scot or Irish name for coracle
[C15: from Irish Gaelic currach; compare coracle]
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(ˈkɔr ə kəl, ˈkɒr-)

a small, round boat made of wickerwork or laths covered with a waterproofed layer of animal skin or fabric: used in Wales, Ireland, and parts of western England.
[1540–50; < Welsh corwgl, corwg; akin to Irish curach boat; see currach]
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"We don't have pictures, we don't even know where he is buried which gives you an indication how hush the family were about it." The Moone Boy star explained he was killed trying to escape in a currach, possibly after an operation had gone wrong.
Registered mare: 1 Robyn McGee; 2 Eastlands Connemara Stud; 3 Chloe Gorman, Little Oaks, Quarry Road -Vintage Currach -Chloe Gorman.
The coracle - linked to the Gaelic word currach - is not unique to Shropshire, of course.
The Boyne currach; from beneath the shadows of Newgrange.
* A currach like the ones the project plans to build and sail
The Currach Irish Pub organized a "Tiger Woods and friends" theme night, wherein the patrons came dressed like the golfer and his many alleged mistresses.
While not as grand as many that slipped into the river before the demise of the shipyards, the Currach - a type of Irish boat - has been equally as lovingly created by German sculptor Holger L|nze and local girl Kate Eccles with a frame made out of hazel wood, Marlin twine, canvas and tar.
Just as Brendan daubed his currach with fat to make it watertight, so also the ark of Moses in the bulrushes was daubed with slime and pitch (p.
The book Holy Cross: A Personal Experience, is published by Currach Press and will be launched on December 8.
the Bullboat of the native North Americans; Curragh or Currach of Ireland and Scotland; Gufa of Iraq; Ku-Dru and Kowas of Tibet; Parisal of India; Thung-Chai of Vietnam".