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also cur·ragh  (kûr′əKH, kûr′ə)
n. Scots & Irish
1. A boat made of waterproof material over a light wood frame, traditionally propelled by means of oars or a sail.
2. A coracle.

[Middle English currok, from Middle Irish curach, from Old Irish; akin to Welsh corwgl, coracle.]
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(ˈkʌrəx; ˈkʌrə) ,




(Nautical Terms) a Scot or Irish name for coracle
[C15: from Irish Gaelic currach; compare coracle]
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(ˈkɔr ə kəl, ˈkɒr-)

a small, round boat made of wickerwork or laths covered with a waterproofed layer of animal skin or fabric: used in Wales, Ireland, and parts of western England.
[1540–50; < Welsh corwgl, corwg; akin to Irish curach boat; see currach]
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Date: Today Venue: Portaferry Recreation Hub Time: 7.30pm nformative talk presented by Robin Ruddock, known for his maritime exploits and his ability to communicate, will talk about sea kayaking, currachs, whales and dolphins, beach-combing, Drontheims, the Colmcille, the Wild Goose and "The Quest For The Selkie".
Julius Caesar mentions British skin-lined boats (though it's unclear whether he meant coracles or currachs, which were rather larger), as does Pliny.
With origins dating back to the Stone Age, currachs are made of woven hazel and willow wood surrounded by the hide of a single animal.
The filmed project will culminate in a 150-mile journey in currachs - traditional skin covered boats used by the Celtic saints, fishermen and traders - down the River Wye, along the Severn Estuary and around the South Wales coast to St Donats Arts Centre at Atlantic College next year.
Legend has it that the monks set off from Ireland in a tiny leather-clad boat, similar to the currachs still made in County Kerry today.
rimes taller than the tiny figures carrying currachs in the background.
There is no ferry service to the island so locals have to use small skin-covered currachs to get to and from their homes - putting them at the mercy of sea where currents among the strongest in western Europe.
Severin sailed the craft, an imaginative recreation of the leather currachs in which the sixth century navigator St.
Sunday starts at 12 noon with Dragoons firing Cannon and Muskets, a Medieval Village with Minstrels, a food stall, blacksmith, barbour/surgeon, medieval crafts and games, a battle workshop, weapons & armour, a basket weaver, story-telling monks, a coracle maker, viking camp and long ship, have-a-go archery, currachs and monks at a medieval well.
The first part of the project 'Beneath the Mountain', will be about building the boat, with the second part 'The Voyage', taking place in spring and summer of next year, will involve building six to eight currachs and learning how to sail them.
Locals boarded the island's five fishing boats while others followed in canvass currachs.