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At the current price of skins in the London market, and based on a fair estimate of what the afternoon's catch would have been had not the Macedonia hogged it, the Ghost has lost about fifteen hundred dollars' worth of skins."
He wouldn't buy the stock at its current price level.
Cars with back orders due till June 2019 and those with cleared payments (parked) till 21 June will be delivered to the customers on the current price.'
Explaining why the need to use LPG, Mr Olajuwan indicated that the current price of petrol is higher than that of the LPG, hence the need to switch.
According to, the entry-level for Vios 1.5J manual transmission, priced at RM74,980 with GST, will now go for RM70,752, making it cheaper by RM4,228 while the new C-HR with current price at RM145,500, will go for RM137,700.
At current price next support is at the $265.50 area.
As per detail, the oil distributors demanded to increase the price of fuel as the current prices is destroying their business however, the Finance and Commerce Ministry has refused to accept their demand and announced to continue with the current price.
Muscat, Sept 3 (ONA) During the 8th five-year development plan, the Omani economy achieved 4% growth in the current price despite the decline of oil prices since mid-2014.
The ministry's pricing committee, which reviews prices on a monthly basis, had set the new price of unleaded octane 90 gasoline at 585 fils per litre, up from the current price of 525 fils, while unleaded octane 90 gasoline will be sold at 740 fils, up from 660 fils, according to the minister.
Tier 1 (central sections Centenary Stand, Paddock): current 2014/15: PS869 Tier 2 (end sections Stand, Main Stand current price: PS815, Tier 3 (central sections Road Stand): current 2014/15: PS785 Tier 4 (end sections Stand): current price: PS775 Tier 5 (central sections current price: PS725, Tier 6 (end sections current price: PS710, "I have been here seven years now and if there's one thing I've consistently heard from fans it's the need to encourage and promote opportunities to grow a new base of young fans," Ayre told the ECHO.
The current price value of household spending, which includes inflation, shows how much UK households spent.

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