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Verb1.curry favour - seek favor by fawning or flattery; "This employee is currying favor with his superordinates"
bootlick, kotow, toady, truckle, kowtow, fawn, suck up - try to gain favor by cringing or flattering; "He is always kowtowing to his boss"
يتوَدَّد ليكسَب حُظوة عند فُلان
podlízatumět to s
indynde sig
igyekszik magát vkinél behízelegni
vinna sér hylli meî fagurgala
dalkavukluk etmekyaranmak


(ˈkari) , ((American) ˈkə:ri) verb
to rub down or comb and clean (a horse).
curry favour (with with)
to seek (a) favour by flattery. She's currying favour with the boss.
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The demagogues, to curry favour with the people, drive the nobles to conspire together, either by dividing their estates, or obliging them to spend them on public services, or by banishing them, that they may confiscate the fortunes of the wealthy.
Looking into the eyes of Mrs and Miss Wackles for encouragement, and sitting very upright and uncomfortable on a couple of hard stools, were two of the day-scholars; and when Miss Wackles smiled, and Mrs Wackles smiled, the two little girls on the stools sought to curry favour by smiling likewise, in gracious acknowledgement of which attention the old lady frowned them down instantly, and said that if they dared to be guilty of such an impertinence again, they should be sent under convoy to their respective homes.
With despair I pictured to myself how coldly and disdainfully that "scoundrel" Zverkov would meet me; with what dull-witted, invincible contempt the blockhead Trudolyubov would look at me; with what impudent rudeness the insect Ferfitchkin would snigger at me in order to curry favour with Zverkov; how completely Simonov would take it all in, and how he would despise me for the abjectness of my vanity and lack of spirit--and, worst of all, how paltry, unliterary, commonplace it would all be.
He has been attempting to curry favour and reinstate himself in the good graces of the captain by carrying tales of the men forward.
Or, if so please you,'' said Isaac, willing to curry favour with the outlaws, ``I can send to York for the six hundred crowns, out of certain monies in my hands, if so be that the most reverend Prior present will grant me a quittance.
His firm conviction was that Falk had been trying all along to curry favour on the cheap with Hermann.
I was very well content as I was, and I wasn't going to sham religious to curry favour with the Doctor, or any one else.
After the first few days, when he didn't know anybody, he re- ceived me as if I had come either to gloat over an enemy or else to curry favour with a deeply wronged person.
So she needs to stop pretending she lives the life of the people who watch her TV shows in order to curry favour with them.
As for the steel industry, the EU wanted to take action against the cheap Chinese imports that are cause of the decline in that industry, but our own David Cameron vetoed that in order to curry favour with the Chinese.
Ms Eagle suggested the tax cuts for the rich were to curry favour with his own side.
As protestors gathered outside Parliament, Education Minister Nick Boles told Labour MPs: "In opposition, a party takes the irresponsible route, in an attempt to curry favour with the National Union of shroud-wavers - I mean, students.