cursed with

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Adj.1.cursed with - burdened with; "stuck with the tab"
cursed, curst - deserving a curse; sometimes used as an intensifier; "villagers shun the area believing it to be cursed"; "cursed with four daughter"; "not a cursed drop"; "his cursed stupidity"; "I'll be cursed if I can see your reasoning"
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مَلعونة، مُصابة بسوء الحَظ
forbandet med
vera òjakaîur af, sitja uppi meî
…çeken…-den mustarip


(kəːs) verb
1. to wish that evil may fall upon. I curse the day that I was born!; The witch cursed him.
2. to use violent language; to swear. He cursed (at his own stupidity) when he dropped the hammer on his toe.
1. an act of cursing, or the words used. the witch's curse.
2. a thing or person which is cursed. Having to work is the curse of my life.
cursed with
having the misfortune to have. She's cursed with a troublesome mother-in-law.
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for I can tell you you'll be cursed with bell, book, and candle.
All these baffling head-reaches after immortality are but the panics of souls frightened by the fear of death, and cursed with the thrice-cursed gift of imagination.
When Herald Lloyd, an attorney and family man, learns he's been cursed with a catastrophic legal-malpractice lawsuit, his recurring Vietnam War flashbacks flood his consciousness, and he medicates his post-traumatic stress with alcohol.