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Noun1.cursive script - rapid handwriting in which letters are set down in full and are cursively connected within words without lifting the writing implement from the papercursive script - rapid handwriting in which letters are set down in full and are cursively connected within words without lifting the writing implement from the paper
minuscule - a small cursive script developed from uncial between the 7th and 9th centuries and used in medieval manuscripts
copperplate - a graceful style of handwriting based on the writing used on copperplate engravings
italic - a style of handwriting with the letters slanting to the right
round hand - a clearly written style of longhand with large round curves
handwriting, script, hand - something written by hand; "she recognized his handwriting"; "his hand was illegible"
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The stamp art features a fanciful garden of colorful flowers surrounding the word Love written in cursive script.
The dad-of-one's inking consists of the chemical formula for serotonin, known as the happiness chemical, and the word "warrior" in cursive script.
It has been identified as having inspired some of the most important developments in human history, including the invention of the wheel, the planting of the first cereal crops and the development of cursive script, mathematics, astronomy and agriculture.
Begun in the aftermath of the First Gulf War, and informed by gender-related controversies such as the Anita Hill hearings and abortion litigation (which remains a topical issue), the paintings in War Frieze feature body parts and suggestive corporeal forms, as well as words in cursive script connected by a thin, sinuous line that stretches across the entire suite.
I caution the generation they call millennial: When I was your age, I wrote cursive script on paper with pen and dialed a rotary phone.
Writing speed and legibility of 7-14-year-old school students using modern cursive script.
It was signed by Stern with a blue fountain pen and addressed in that elegant, unmistakeably European cursive script to a colleague at Montreal's Saint Mary's hospital, where he had been psychiatrist-in-chief.
Arranged in sections on the three areas of study, the 28 papers discuss such matters as the career of some Elephantine and Murasu scribes and witnesses, Phoenician and Aramaic inscriptions from Abusir, the state of modern Syriac lexicography, 12 published and unpublished Jewish Aramaic ostraca written in the "Jewish" cursive script, philological notes on the David-Bathsheba story, the role of the governor in Persian imperial administration, and personal names as pejorative puns in ancient texts.
As her assistant lifts the limp, wet clothes of each cadaver, Lim takes notes in neat cursive script in a reporter's notebook, recording the sex and describing distinguishing marks.
The highly burnished towering wall with the fluidity of a languid cursive script, cut into it, manages to achieve buoyancy not associated with monumental works.
I tend to keep these lists in shorthand notebooks, each page spidery with my sprawling cursive script, an expansive tick appearing beside each one when I've managed to achieve that particular goal.
The Gayetons then take the notes from their interviews and lay them over the images in a chalkboard-white, looping cursive script.