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Performed with haste and scant attention to detail: a cursory glance at the headlines.

[Late Latin cursōrius, of running, from Latin cursor, runner; see cursor.]

cur′so·ri·ly adv.
cur′so·ri·ness n.


n (of glance)Flüchtigkeit f; (of inspection, investigation also)Oberflächlichkeit f
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In addition to the already mentioned cursoriness of some of the presentations of objections in part l, Dusing's book can be criticized for not elaborating more fully the logic of self-consciousness (what senses of "identity" are at work?
And it must be said that whatever omissions or cursoriness of coverage I may fault in the latter areas do not detract from the grand design of the book and the clarity with which it exposes major and minor trends in a century of scenic development.