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Performed with haste and scant attention to detail: a cursory glance at the headlines.

[Late Latin cursōrius, of running, from Latin cursor, runner; see cursor.]

cur′so·ri·ly adv.
cur′so·ri·ness n.
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n (of glance)Flüchtigkeit f; (of inspection, investigation also)Oberflächlichkeit f
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In addition to the already mentioned cursoriness of some of the presentations of objections in part l, Dusing's book can be criticized for not elaborating more fully the logic of self-consciousness (what senses of "identity" are at work?), the crucial transition from passive to active syntheses (in what sense are the passive syntheses "unconscious"?), and the alleged ontological neutrality of the models of self-consciousness (is not a preontological Seins-verstandnis presupposed by Bewu[Beta]t-sein?).
And it must be said that whatever omissions or cursoriness of coverage I may fault in the latter areas do not detract from the grand design of the book and the clarity with which it exposes major and minor trends in a century of scenic development.