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tr.v. cur·tailed, cur·tail·ing, cur·tails
To cut short or reduce: We curtailed our conversation when other people entered the room. See Synonyms at shorten.

[Middle English curtailen, to restrict, probably blend of Old French courtauld, docked; see curtal, and Middle English taillen, to cut (from Old French tailler; see tailor).]

cur·tail′er n.
cur·tail′ment n.
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The millions of anti-Morsi protesters who flooded the streets across the country were out to oppose what they saw as a dictator-in-the-making who was robbing them of their freedom, even going so far as to call upon the curtailer of their freedom for six decades, the military, to intervene.
Curtailer of grabassing, monkeyshines, and pussy-footing-around.
and Wal-Mart--a powerful curtailer of the movie-download market in the U.