curtain off

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Verb1.curtain off - separate by means of a curtain
close off, shut off - isolate or separate; "She was shut off from the friends"
يحجبُ بِسِتاره
oddělit záclonou/přepážkou
aîskilja meî tjaldi
oddeliť závesom
perdeyle ayırmak

w>curtain off

vt sepdurch einen Vorhang/Vorhänge abtrennen


(ˈkəːtn) noun
a piece of material hung up to act as a screen at a window, on a theatre stage etc. The maid drew the curtains; The curtain came down at the end of the play.
curtain call
an appearance by actors, singers etc after a performance for the purpose of receiving applause. After the play the actors took ten curtain calls.
curtain off
to separate or enclose with a curtain. She curtained off the alcove.
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Summary: Cuttack [India], Feb 12 (ANI): The 23rd Senior Women's National Football Championship 2017-18 is all set to call the curtain off, with the four deserving teams of Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Railways and Manipur battling it out in the semi-finals on Monday.
Aoun's words came during the inauguration ceremony this afternoon where he lifted the curtain off the memorial statue for women victims of domestic violence, placed on the intersection leading to the Presidential Palace in Baabda.
Former Boro star Craig Hignett attended the Boosbeck ceremony with his coaching colleague Paul Jenkins to pull the curtain off the two-ton sandstone monolith.
Microsoft first pulled the curtain off its plans for AR/VR mixed reality experiences back in March, and promised to even deliver it to Xbox devices in 2018.
We'd have to curtain off some of the seats, but of course, I live in the south and it's kind of hard to get there.
The tree can also give a gorgeous backdrop of hanging branches for flower beds, or to curtain off sitting areas and frame views.