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Increasingly, and particularly in the digital sphere, feminine traits associated with beauty include "slimness, large breasts, curvaceousness, white tanned skin" (Carah and Dobson 8).
The game changers have, by the sheer craft of their acting, managed to turn any perceived disadvantages of their figures into The list also includes successful names like Vidya Balan and Parineeti Chopra, who happily flaunt their curvaceousness and rule the roost.
Reva's forms here have a curvaceousness that differs somewhat from the clashing strokes that lend ferocity to de Kooning's work, though in some of her pieces, such as Dancers #2 (1957; Pl.
alphomes the longest shortie is curvaceousness (14; plural 16), the
The 35-year-old has become an icon of curvaceousness for her stunning 39D-30-39 figure.
at the manner in which gender orientation disciplines the body into postures that perform hyper-masculinity--the strong-man 'monkey' stance suggestive of excessive muscle and body mass, and hyper-femininity--'jiggle wiggley' movements suggestive of excessive curvaceousness" (2007: 101).
It may seem old-fashioned because of the nature of the curves--the cute curvaceousness that's been a no-no for many years.
Despite its curvaceousness the tulip is surprisingly flattering, offering a lovely silhouette to those who are a bit straight up and down and skimming over hips and thighs to disguise bulges for those who a little more hourglass.