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Having the curves of a full or voluptuous figure.

cur·va′ceous·ly adv.
cur·va′ceous·ness n.
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Noun1.curvaceousness - the quality of having a well-rounded body
pulchritude - physical beauty (especially of a woman)
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Reva's forms here have a curvaceousness that differs somewhat from the clashing strokes that lend ferocity to de Kooning's work, though in some of her pieces, such as Dancers #2 (1957; Pl.
Rather than moving from the whimsical curvaceousness of Jannings's caliph, through the claustrophobic narrowness of Veidt's Ivan, to the disorienting sequence with Krauss's spectral killer, the audience at the premiere first encountered Ivan the Terrible, followed by Jack the Ripper, who provided merely an interlude before Harun al Rashid took the screen.
alphomes the longest shortie is curvaceousness (14; plural 16), the
The 35-year-old has become an icon of curvaceousness for her stunning 39D-30-39 figure.
It may seem old-fashioned because of the nature of the curves--the cute curvaceousness that's been a no-no for many years.
Despite its curvaceousness the tulip is surprisingly flattering, offering a lovely silhouette to those who are a bit straight up and down and skimming over hips and thighs to disguise bulges for those who a little more hourglass.
And then there is the seeming arbitrariness of many of his forms, an arbitrariness which, although possibly explicable in psychological terms, is different from the oddness of expressionism and the curvaceousness of art nouveau.