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 (kûr′və-lĭn′ē-ər) also cur·vi·lin·e·al (-əl)
Formed, bounded, or characterized by curved lines.

[Latin curvus, curved; see curve + linear.]

cur′vi·lin′e·ar′i·ty (-ē-ăr′ĭ-tē) n.
cur′vi·lin′e·ar·ly adv.
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In 1984, the fitted mean age at death was 36 years and increased curvilinearly to 45 years in 2016, with a peak of 54 in 2010.
RWI values lower than 1.1 curvilinearly declined with increasing AHMI values (i.e., a negative relationship, Fig.
Improved insulin sensitivity after a single bout of exercise is curvilinearly related to exercise energy expenditure.
It is likely that the processes feed each other rather than being linked unidirectionally; however, there is evidence that displaced Colombians with no other economic opportunities turn to the illicit drug trade in order to subsist (Rabasa and Chalk2001), and coca cultivation is curvilinearly correlated with poverty (Dion and Russler 2008).
Moreover, in controlled experimental conditions, the magnitude of WSA stability and plant biomass production was curvilinearly and positively correlated with strength of exogenous EE-GRSP application (Wang et al., 2015b).
Hypothesis 2: The performance of entrepreneurial firms in emerging markets is curvilinearly related (inverted U-shape) to the number of social capital ties held by the firm's leaders.
Accordingly, the reinsurance level s is curvilinearly related to n.
Chen, "Cloak for curvilinearly anisotropic media in conduction," Applied Physics Letters, Vol.
On per abdomen examination a large epigastric mass of size 15 x 15 cm extending from the epigastric region curvilinearly to the just bellow and right of the umbilicus was found.
(2003) investigated 60 cross-functional project teams and found that communication frequency was curvilinearly related to team performance, meaning that increased coordination did not necessarily result in better performance, and could actually impede it.
Nakano, "Linearly and curvilinearly tapered cylindrical-dielectric-rod antennas," IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Vol.