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Any of several nocturnal marsupials of the family Phalangeridae of New Guinea, Australia, and adjacent islands, having large eyes, small ears, a pointed snout, and a long prehensile tail.

[New Latin Cuscus, former genus name, ultimately (probably via Dutch koeskoes) from a local word for the marsupials in a language of the Moluccas.]
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n, pl -cuses
(Animals) any of several large nocturnal phalangers of the genus Phalanger, of N Australia, New Guinea, and adjacent islands, having dense fur, prehensile tails, large eyes, and a yellow nose
[C17: New Latin, probably from a native name in New Guinea]
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Noun1.cuscus - woolly-haired monkey-like arboreal marsupial of New Guinea and northern Australiacuscus - woolly-haired monkey-like arboreal marsupial of New Guinea and northern Australia
opossum, phalanger, possum - small furry Australian arboreal marsupials having long usually prehensile tails
genus Phalanger - type genus of the family Phalangeridae: cuscuses
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According to the World Wildlife Fund, in the decade between 1998 and 2008, 12 new mammal species, two birds, a 2.5-metre river shark, a dolphin and a blue-eyed spotted cuscus were among more than 1,000 new species identified in Papua New Guinea.
Yallah as to what he proposed as development package for lower Bong County when the county reportedly received in 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 $4.6 million as Social Development Funds and additional $400,000.00 as County Development Fund while he was chairman of the county's Legislative Cuscus.
No animals needed urgent care while we were there, but we did meet Berko the cuscus (a cute type of possum) and found out how the park prepares his food.
What type of animal is a cuscus? a) bird b) mammal c) reptile 20.
a) Greece b) Italy c) Turkey 9 What type of animal is a cuscus? a) bird b) mammal c) reptile 3 Welsh, and Tamworth are breeds of which animal?
Art Deco-inspired wedding cake with sugar-sculpted feathers and pearls was showcased on a white plateau beneath a sparkling chandelier and dark, wooden arbor with cascading greenery of Italian cuscus and wild smilax, accented with alabaster rose, white lisianthus, white ranunculus, and Eskimo roses The groom's funfetti vanilla cake, mimicking the field at Florida State University's Doak Campbell Stadium, was adorned with a live flame on the spear of Chief Osceola, who sat proudly atop the handsome Appaloosa horse known as Renegade.