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Cush 1

 (kŭsh, ko͝osh)
In the Bible, the oldest son of Ham.

Cush 2

also Kush  (kŭsh, ko͝osh)
1. An ancient region of northeast Africa identified in the Bible as the land of the descendants of Cush. It is often identified with Ethiopia.
2. An ancient kingdom of Nubia in northern Sudan. It flourished from the 11th century bc to the 4th century ad, when its capital fell to the Ethiopians.

Cush′ite adj. & n.


n. Chiefly Southern US
A dish made by frying or boiling cornmeal or crumbled cornbread with grease and often other ingredients such as pieces of meat or onion.

[Akin to cush-cush.]


(kʌʃ; kʊʃ) or


1. (Bible) the son of Ham and brother of Canaan (Genesis 10:6)
2. (Bible) the country of the supposed descendants of Cush (ancient Ethiopia), comprising approximately Nubia and the modern Sudan, and the territory of southern (or Upper) Egypt


or Kush

(kʊʃ, kʌʃ)

1. the eldest son of Ham. Gen. 10:6.
2. an area mentioned in the Bible, sometimes identified with Upper Egypt.
3. an ancient kingdom in North Africa, in the region of Nubia.
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