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adj. cush·i·er, cush·i·est Informal
Making few demands; comfortable: a cushy job.

[Hindi and Urdu khuš, good, from Persian; see esu- in Indo-European roots.]

cush′i·ly adv.
cush′i·ness n.
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informal in a cushy manner
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And some shows are so cushily scheduled they don't really need much early awareness: "Veronica's Closet," hammocked between "Seinfeld" and "ER" on NBC Thursday nights, will automatically get a huge audience.
The Eurocrats - cushily protected from the real world in their air-conditioned and plush offices - will not tolerate restrictions on the freedom of movement between its nations.
After all, it is just not fair that some people's transportation can get them to work more reliably and more cushily than others'.