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1. A pad or pillow with a soft filling, used for resting, reclining, or kneeling.
2. Something resilient used as a rest, support, or shock absorber.
3. A mat placed or attached beneath carpeting to provide softness and increase durability.
4. A padlike body part.
5. Games The rim bordering the playing surface of a billiard table.
6. A pillow used in lacemaking.
7. Something that mitigates or relieves an adverse effect: extra funds serving as a cushion against future inflation.
tr.v. cush·ioned, cush·ion·ing, cush·ions
1. To provide with a cushion: cushion a bench.
2. To place or seat on a cushion.
3. To cover or hide (something) with or as if with a cushion.
4. To protect from impacts or other disturbing effects: an automobile suspension that cushions the ride.
5. To mitigate the effects of; absorb the shock of: cushion a blow.

[Middle English cushin, from Old French coussin, from Vulgar Latin *coxīnum, from Latin coxa, hip.]

cush′ion·y adj.


1. (Furniture) provided with cushions
2. (Clothing & Fashion) provided with a means of absorbing shock
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Adj.1.cushioned - softened by the addition of cushions or paddingcushioned - softened by the addition of cushions or padding
soft - yielding readily to pressure or weight


(= padded)Polster-, gepolstert
(fig: = comfortable) → bequem
References in classic literature ?
The old gentleman lifted his shaggy eyebrows, protruded his thick nether lip, and tapped the arms of his chair with his cushioned fingertips.
As she rode alone, the fronds of breast-high ferns seemed to caress her with outstretched and gently-detaining hands; strange wildflowers sprang up through the parting underbrush; even the granite rocks that at times pressed closely upon the trail appeared as if cushioned to her contact with star-rayed mosses, or lightly flung after her long lassoes of delicate vines.
Finally, his chair being deep and softly cushioned, Clifford fell asleep.
In a pirate, man-of-war, or slave ship, when the captain is rowed anywhere in his boat, he always sits in the stern sheets on a comfortable, sometimes cushioned seat there, and often steers himself with a pretty little milliner's tiller decorated with gay cords and ribbons.
Jeweled images are made of him, sensual priests burn incense to him, and modern pirates of industry bring their dollars, wrung from the toil of helpless women and children, and build temples to him, and sit in cushioned seats and listen to his teachings expounded by doctors of dusty divinity--"
Now if one turns and looks up the gorge once more, he will see the Schloss Hotel on the right perched on a precipice overlooking the Neckar--a precipice which is so sumptuously cushioned and draped with foliage that no glimpse of the rock appears.