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Adj.1.cusped - having cusps or points
angulate, angular - having angles or an angular shape
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The swede-field in which she and her companion were set hacking was a stretch of a hundred odd acres, in one patch, on the highest ground of the farm, rising above stony lanchets or lynchets--the outcrop of siliceous veins in the chalk formation, composed of myriads of loose white flints in bulbous, cusped, and phallic shapes.
amp;nbsp;They have narrow teeth that are cusped on the upper jaw.
But it reached at its climax with the musical nature of the arch known as cusped arch during the period of Shah Jehan {12}.
After the works, Menal-Ferrer and Porti ([5]) obtained a formula of the volume of a cusped hyperbolic 3-manifold M using 'Higher-dimensional Reidemeister torsion invariants', which are associated with representations [[rho].
The whales evolved with respect to their teeth from pig-like teeth to cusped teeth.
Framed by a Mughal cusped arch, a model of the holy shrine is set in an arid landscape with a white elephant lying next to it and birds circling above.
Chakraverti narrates the stories in a crisp yet descriptive and vivid manner that makes the reader (even a discerning one) sit up with a cusped feeling of terror and awe
Aberration-like Cusped Focusing in the Post-paraxial Talbot Effect", arXiv: 1204.
3,6 Use of arbitrary hinge axis is considered sufficiently accurate to create a functional occlusion and prevent occlusal errors particularly when cusped teeth are used in removable complete dentures (RCD).
The Industrial Revolution cusped in the computer, a machine capable of designing its own replacement" (83).