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A spittoon.

[Portuguese, from cuspir, to spit, from Latin cōnspuere, to spit upon : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + spuere, to spit.]


another word (esp US) for spittoon
[C18: from Portuguese, from cuspir to spit, from Latin conspuere, from spuere to spit]


(ˈkʌs pɪˌdɔr)

a large bowl, often of metal, serving as a receptacle for spit, esp. from chewing tobacco.
[1770–80; < Portuguese: literally, spitter =cusp(ir) to spit « Latin conspuere to cover with spit]


A receptacle for spit, usually from either snuff dipping or tobacco chewing. Generally considered the same as a Spittoon, although spittoons tended to be shorter than cuspidors.
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Noun1.Cuspidor - a receptacle for spit (usually in a public place)cuspidor - a receptacle for spit (usually in a public place)
receptacle - a container that is used to put or keep things in


[ˈkʌspɪdɔːʳ] N (US) → escupidera f, salivadera f (S. Cone)


n (US) → Spucknapf m
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Stationary -type dental unit : Dental unit consisting of Cuspidor, Suction Spittoon block with bowl, foot control, control panel, instrument console, tray table, patient chair, operating led light, and dental stool with tilt adjustment , lumbar support and adjustable levers The instrument console may be on balanced arm or hanging tube Dentist panel consisting of Minimum of 2 rotary instrument including turbines with electric motors ,1x ultrasonic calculus remover (scaler), 1x polymerizing lamp (curing light)
The filters are available to fit almost every canister, saliva ejector and cuspidor bowl and to fit like a cap on any standard high-volume evacuator tip.
As each episode of The Rifleman began, "McCain" would let loose 12 shots quicker than a gob of spit could hit the cuspidor.
The fact Arsene Wenger has reverted to 'see, hear and say nothing' mode tends to back Hull's claim although in big club v little club, the FA's record is as dodgy as a leaking cuspidor.
Filtered reagent grade water, unsalted crackers and a cuspidor were provided for rinsing the palate and expectoration.
Without much persuasion," according to a crime-beat reporter, "Hunt was induced to stand with the cuspidor on his head.
Andrew Motion's favourite word is evening; fellow poet Keats settled for vale and that wizard of the English language, James Joyce, liked cuspidor (a kind of spittoon).