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A dish consisting of milk, eggs, flavoring, and sometimes sugar, boiled or baked until set.

[Middle English crustade, custard, a pie with a crust, probably from Old Provençal croustado; see croustade.]

cus′tard·y adj.
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resembling custard
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Muhallebi - A custardy dish that is best served cold on a hot summer day.
Musang Kings are considered premium durians due to their intense yet well-balanced, custardy sweet taste.
These three-bite, custardy, dessert pancakes are as gorgeous as they are scrumptious brimming with nearly bursting blueberries and studded with zingy bits of crystallized ginger.
With everything from traditional custardy spandauer to cinnamony kanel snegl and choux-like chokolade bolle, it's the perfect place to revel in a bit of a Nordic naughtiness.
For sugar fiends, khao niew mamuang (mango sticky rice) is a dependable go-to, but consider branching out to khanom krok (custardy coconut confections) and the dangerously craveable kluay kaek (deep-fried bananas in a coconut batter).
Not fair, because I had Deco's only 15 minutes after Popoy's when I was already full, those 15 minutes I spent traveling from Central Market to La Paz with a stop at the post-World War II bakery Pan de Buho to try the famous pantso, Iloilo's custardy version of pan de coco, which was also quite an adventure because to buy it we had to negotiate a narrow alley on Mapa Street and get it through a hole only twice the size of my face on the nondescript hollow block wall, literally a hole in the wall!
During the 1970s, '80s and '90s social services departments were very successful in working with the police to reduce delay and develop policies of diversion and alternatives to custardy, with programmes which interested and fully occupied young people throughout their waking hours, which saw huge reductions in reported crime and offences associated with adolescents.
"I was looking after him." A custardy wad of the yellow stuff dropped off the tip of the man's nose.
Inspired by a similar dessert made famous by La Vina in San Sebastian, Spain, The Workshop baked its own version of the Basque pastry, which is light, custardy and doesn't have a Graham cracker base.
We sucked the custardy pulp off the seeds inside cacao pods, smelled clove buds and peeled a bit of bark from a cinnamon tree.
Though we love the smooth, custardy sweetness, we may hate the additives listed on the carton's back panel.
As mentioned earlier this is a part of the haveli of haji Karim Bakhsh, which was a part of the main haveli in These Sethi havelies with their remaining structures and ornamentation tells a lot about the life style of the owners.the custardy of Archaeology department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.