to modify for a specific use or need.
References in periodicals archive ? can custom-tailor your choice of glasses to fit your personal demands.
The collaboration is aimed at using the new Google Prediction API, to custom-tailor vehicles to customers driving routes, in order to offer optimal performance.
Designed to provide maximum scalability and extensibility, the open architecture of the GX runtime system allows developers to custom-tailor it according to their individual needs using the built-in C/C++ API.
NCE will also be able to use MaxOptix's technology to custom-tailor LTO solutions that meet customers' requirements regarding capacity, performance, features and cost.
We custom-tailor existing offerings for specific markets, slice and dice the data we sell, and even design totally new products for targeted market segments.
Each module would contain functions that applied across fairly broad ranges of market segments; by combining modules in different combinations, we would be able to essentially custom-tailor the product for a specific user.
Despite the growing availability of reactor-made TPOs, suppliers like Chapman see a growing trend to further custom-tailor one's own polyolefins for application-specific hardness and other properties.
What's more, because their techniquegives the researchers remarkable control over the small-scale structure of crystals, it will allow them to custom-tailor the properties of a great variety of materials in addition to silicon, and to create crystals that have never before appeared in nature.
The most powerful attribute of the human immune system is its ability to custom-tailor antibodies to attack a wide variety of invaders.
We custom-tailor designs to suit our clients and their current and future requirements."
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 17, 2017-Badger Sportswear Acquires Custom-Tailored Sports Uniform Boutique Garb Athletics