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Noun1.customer agent - a foreign purchaser who buys goods outright for resale
buyer, emptor, purchaser, vendee - a person who buys
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MoAAM consists of four agents, namely, (1) personal agent, (2) customer agent, (3) auctioneer agent, and (4) broker agent.
The valued customers face many problems whenever they visit Samsung customer care centres or face hurdles when call the customer agent, due to non-technical staff.
The customer agent first queries the DF and DDF agents on all machines for the list of supplier agents that provide a certain service or product.
Instead of having to develop a perfect, `idiot-proof' website, organizations call provide confused visitors wilh an IM button that connects them with a live customer agent."--Ken Orr, Cutter Technology Council Fellow.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-(C) 1994-9 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories has introduced Web Call Through, a new call/contact centre product that enables web users to push a button on a company's web site to connect toll-free to a live customer agent for voice communication.
To book a flight, drivers can call Etihad on 800 2324 to book their car and flight package together.?A customer agent will collect the car and flight details as well as offer an array of services; from door to door delivery to export, custom clearance and hotel accommodation.
Using the Indianapolis-based Mayflower's Customer Agent Information Network System (CAINS), agents now spend more time serving customers and less time dealing with headquarters.
header When AI customer agents get personality characters, they are least likely to be a middle-aged man in a suit, or a young bearded man.
With the introduction of the new platform, Doha Bank's digital customer agents will be able to address queries and complaints received from multiple channels via a single platform in both in English and Arabic, offering enhanced customer experience and convenience, the statement said.
Port Authority Police officers will be present and PATH customer agents will be stationed at the turnstiles to advise customers that the filming is taking place.
Firstsource Solutions UK said in June it needed to find 350 customer agents, team leaders and trainers to help service two major contracts.
The customer agents who accepted the built-in browsers - in this case Internet Explorer or Safari - followed standard operating procedures for dealing with customer complaints, saw their jobs as fixed, became unhappy, missed days of work and eventually quit.

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