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Noun1.cut of beef - cut of meat from beef cattle
cut of meat, cut - a piece of meat that has been cut from an animal carcass
chuck - the part of a forequarter from the neck to the ribs and including the shoulder blade
chuck short ribs - between the chuck and the brisket
plate - the thin under portion of the forequarter
flank - a cut from the fleshy part of an animal's side between the ribs and the leg
beef loin - cut of meat from a loin of beef
wedge bone - part of the sirloin nearest the rump
flat bone - part of the sirloin next to the wedge bone
pin bone - part of the sirloin between the flat bone and the porterhouse
sirloin tip - a cut of beef from the upper end of the sirloin
blade - a cut of beef from the shoulder blade
beef neck - a cut of beef from the neck of the animal
short ribs - cut of beef containing rib ends near the sternum
round - a cut of beef between the rump and the lower leg
rump - fleshy hindquarters; behind the loin and above the round
aitchbone - a cut of beef including the H-shaped rump bone
boeuf, beef - meat from an adult domestic bovine
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His latest offering, The Brisket Chronicles (Workman, PS14.99), is out on May 30 and includes more than 60 of the world's best brisket recipes as well as tips on how to barbecue, grill, smoke, braise, boil and cure the cut of beef.
No longer a special treat for those in the know, this cut of beef is now sold as flat iron steak.
Sprinkling the fillets with a coating of cracked peppercorns and salt, just as you might a cut of beef, accentuates their steak-y appeal.
INGREDIENTS (Serves 4) 500g centre cut of beef fillet For the duxelles: 25ml truffle oil; 1 shallot, diced; 150g wild mushroom; 100g chicken liver parfait; 25g breadcrumb; 1/2 bunch tarragon; 6 slices serrano ham; 1 sheet puff pastry; 2 egg yolks; 1tsp onion seed For the celeriac puree: 350g celeriac; Juice of 1/2 a lemon; 125g butter; 175g water; salt; 4 shallots; 1 sprig of thyme; 100m chicken stock; 10 chestnut mushrooms; 12 morels; 50g butter METHOD 1.
Just be sure to use a tender cut of beef such as tenderloin or sirloin.
Over one in three of those eating at home will opt for a juicy steak for their romantic evening in, with 39% saying a prime cut of beef would be their meal of choice.
And so, while these two deli meats are made from the same cut of beef, the preparation for each is different.
That's the skirt steak and, in my opinion, the best cut of beef on the animal.
Department of Agriculture (USDA), a lean cut of beef is a 3.5-ounce serving that contains less than 10 grams (g) of total fat and 4.5 g of saturated fat.
Be it tea and scones, a light dish, or a thick cut of beef, you can count on a tasty meal at Stratos with a view of every street in the capital.
What name is given to the cut of beef which extends from the neck to the shoulder blade?
Department of Agriculture (USDA), a lean cut of beef is a 3.5-ounce serving that contains less than 10 grams (g) of total fat, 4.5 g of saturated fat, and 95 milligrams (mg) of cholesterol.