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Noun1.cut of pork - cut of meat from a hog or pig
cut of meat, cut - a piece of meat that has been cut from an animal carcass
porc - meat from a domestic hog or pig
pork loin - meat from a loin of pork
gammon, ham, jambon - meat cut from the thigh of a hog (usually smoked)
picnic ham, picnic shoulder - shoulder of a hog usually smoked
bacon - back and sides of a hog salted and dried or smoked; usually sliced thin and fried
spareribs - cut of pork from the rib section with most of the meat trimmed off
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Today I'm giving it a bit of a modern twist and fusing two cuisines in Spanish-British mash up, which not only shows how tasty and moist this cut of pork is but also its versatility.
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INGREDIENTS Cut of pork belly - any size you fancy 500g salt 300g sugar Prague Powder No.1 (available widely online) - allow 2.5g per kg of meat to be cured (the sodium nitrite keeps the bacon pink, rather than the unattractive beige of cured pork) METHOD This is the easiest, most efficient way of making your own bacon, halfway between full dry cure and wet cure.
What can sometimes be a fatty cut of pork was as meaty and succulent as tenderloin.
"Shoulders work best when it comes to making pulled pork, but any cut of pork works well in a Crock Pot," he says, adding that other promotions are also on tap.
SHOULDER is my favourite cut of pork and benefits from slow cooking.
Tesco buying manager David Stokes says: "The downturn is teaching the current generation what their grandparents knew - a cheaper cut of pork does not mean a less tasty meal."
It is the leanest cut of pork with only 2.98 grams of fat per 3-ounce serving, making it as lean as a skinless chicken breast.
Managing director, Paul Durbin, said: "Once again our new product development team have worked hard to create an innovative recipe dish using a cut of pork ideally suited to our sous-vide to foodservice."