cut rate

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Noun1.cut rate - a price below the standard pricecut rate - a price below the standard price  
inexpensiveness - the quality of being affordable
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We might as well cut rates and be done with it; it would arrive at that in the end.
5- and 7-inch diameter (both with and without nuts) with grit sizes of 60 grit for maximum cut rate and 80 grit for superior finish.
CUT RATE won his first race when holding on by a short head to win from Inver Gold in the mile-and-a-half handicap.
Abrasive flap discs from Weiler Corp include Tiger Discs, which are designed to provide a high cut rate and long life.
Tiger Discs, Weiler's line of coated abrasive flap discs, are designed to provide a high cut rate and long life, and Vortec flap discs provide a high cut rate as a value price.
Combined with last week's coordinated rate cut by European central banks - which left most continental consumers and businesses with rates of just three per cent - the figures are likely to create a clamour of calls for the monetary committee to cut rate s by at least 0.
Minerals in the bristles provide an aggressive cut rate and consistent performance without removing base material.
This increases the life of the belt and helps to improve the belt cut rate while reducing the effort required by the operator when grinding these alloys.
Global Banking News-May 4, 2016--Madagascar central bank announces plan to cut rate